Borgo Energie - Borgo Energie da oltre 20 anni si propone sul palcoscenico mondiale come broker specializzato nella ricerca ed acquisto di biomasse nel mondo

Borgo Energie
Biomass sources of energy for a single source of energy
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Broker's specialists in rice production and acquisition of biomass in the world

Borgo Energie and biomass
Borgo Energie is a broker specialized in the research and purchase of biomass in the world since over 20 years, it is part of a specialized team that over the years has developed and deepened knowledge and skills all over the world.
He has directed his experience by specializing in two sectors, wood pellets from Eastern Europe, with a predilection for Russia, and the PKS (  Palm Kernel Shell  ) which is the endocarp of the oil palm fruit and which according to connoisseurs is the biomass with the highest calorific value.
Biomass includes all types of organic material deriving, directly or indirectly, from chlorophyll photosynthesis, and available on a renewable basis. Within this category, biofuels are of particular relevance for the agricultural sector as they are obtained from so-called "energy crops" such as sunflower, rapeseed, soya and corn.
Biomass represents an important renewable energy source. Taken together, they constitute over 79% of renewable energy sources, which in turn constitute approximately 30% of the world's supply of primary energy.
Recently, the topic has been re-proposed with emphasis also in the context of issues on climate change and sustainable development: renewable energy sources are considered "free energy", i.e. non-exhaustible, and clean in terms of final emissions.

When using a biomass heat source, it is fed with a heat generator that can provide food with various sources of vegetable origin.
The source of the mixture is diffused and the pellet is used to combustible the heat, termocamini, termo e tier.
Pellets are a type of solid biofuel obtained by compressing biomass, such as sawdust, wood chips or other organic materials. These materials are pressed into small cylinders or granules, known as pellets, which are used as a renewable energy source. Pellets are commonly used for domestic and industrial heating because they are compact, easy to transport and burn efficiently, reducing greenhouse gas emissions compared to fossil fuels.

Palm shells (Palm Kernel Shell, PKS)
Over the years, Borgo Energie has developed research and studies on the subject of PKS (Palm Kernel Shell), which is none other than the kernel ( endocarp ) of the oil palm fruit.
The most recent studies consider PKS to be the best biomass around, with the highest calorific value. PKS is produced in very hot countries such as Africa (the oil palm's homeland) and South East Asia. Palm kernel shells (PKS) are by-products of the palm oil industry and can be used as biofuel.

Borgo Energie your energy broker where supply and demand for pellets and other quality biomass and biofuels meet in a cost-effective and environmentally sustainable manner.
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Broker's specialists in rice production and acquisition of biomass in the world
Borgo Energie
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